* Tour 890 Inline Skates, written by RJ Marquette.

*'s page on Roller Skating clubs (actually, mostly speed/inline clubs, it seems).

Buying Equipment Online doesn't endorse any of the suppliers listed below. Also, we'd like to remind you that your local rink probably carries skating equipment.

* Netskate, a business covering inline, quads, and accessories.

*, a business covering inline and roller skates and supplies.

* Back Street Inline sells inline, speed, and ice skates and accessories. It's not a flashy site but they do seem to carry a lot.

* The Skaters Junkyard is an exchange for used skates and parts.

* Nett Racing carries inline speed equipment.

* Low Price Skates carries inline and quad skates.

* SkatesNSuch carries inline and quad skates.

Other Suppliers

* Southeastern Skate Supply is probably the most famous supplier to skating rinks. Note that they are wholesalers and therefore cannot sell to individual skaters.